XBox One

What it is
This is Microsoft’s newest iteration of their popular Xbox console. They weren’t satisfied with just video games and Xbox live; they wanted to bring more to the table, so, much like the Playstation 4, the Xbox One wants to be your one-stop shop of living room entertainment.

Xbox One is designed to fully integrate with your entertainment center, so that in just a few minutes it can take control of your cable or satellite TV feed to the point where you can simply walk into the room and say “Xbox On” and both your TV and Xbox One turn on and are ready to go.


What it does
This new Xbox was and is designed to make you the ultimate couch potato. With just your voice you can live-capture video of crazy events happening in a game and send them to your friends. You can even set up a picture in picture mode so you can watch Netflix while playing Call of Duty online with other people… You know, practical.

There actually are some great features about this new Xbox, like being able to search for your favorite TV show without using the remote. With an interface that behaves just like a Windows PC it’s really easy to navigate.

The new Xbox One also allows users to connect with each other like never before. With a wide variety of formats, users can text, voice message, chat, Skype, and send video clips to one another without ever leaving the couch.

Kid Appeal/Pitfalls
Much like the Playstation 4, the Xbox One has many enticing games for every age, though its most popular games are titles such as Halo and Call of Duty, which allow gamers all around the world to compete with one another in multiplayer battles.

One giant pitfall parents need to watch out for is the very thing kids want: Xbox Live. With this feature, they’re able to truly experience the Xbox One as it was designed, playing online with other people (including strangers), messaging friends, sharing videos, or browsing the web.

With the Xbox Live store, there is practically an endless amount of information and content available, and if your child is persistent about getting a specific game, you can download the demo first to make sure it’s appropriate.

Thankfully you don’t have to give your kids everything. With Xbox One’s parental controls, you can decide who your child communicates with before they even play their first game. Once you go in and get this all set up, you can rest assured your loved ones won’t be able to access anything you don’t want them to.

What’s Good?
The Xbox One is a great machine. The fact that you can control it with your voice, use Skype on your TV, and browse the internet through it are all really cool features, before you even get into the games. But, it’s important that you’re keeping an eye on the content your kids are asking for, and make sure you have your settings up to speed to prevent any uncessary slip ups.

What’s the verdict?
We give the Xbox One a thumbs up with an asterisk. If you want to keep your family safe, make sure you read the Parental Controls for yourself, take the time, and get them set up before hand.

It needs to be said, you must go in and set these parental controls up yourself. If not, you’re giving your family potential wide open un-monitored access to the internet.