What it is
The Nintendo re-release of their best-selling system, the Wii, as the Wii-U now the allows you to play the Wii in full HD and now has more apps avalible, making the infamous mustachioed plumber sharper than ever before.

This time Nintendo didn’t just make the Wii better, they completely reinvented it, bringing a second device to the package with a screen and additional set of controls. All the classic Wii features that you or your kids remember are still the there; some are just enhanced and/or backed with new ones.


What it does
Originally Nintendo made a splash with the Wii because of their motion controllers, making family’s break a sweat in their living room trying to out bowl the other person. They’ve taken it to the next level with the Wii-U and its respective controller. Acting as an additional display, this second screen acts sometimes as a map or tip sheet for puzzles. If the TV is off, or it’s being used, this new Wii-U gamepad can work as the display itself, allowing the living room to be shared.

Every new Wii-U comes packed with apps allowing users to browse the internet, YouTube, and Netflix. Now users can video chat with friends and family right there on your TV. With a new and improved app store, the WiiU contains almost an endless amount of entertainment.

Kid Appeal/Pitfalls
Like anything Nintendo makes, there is a huge draw for kids and young adults alike. Unlike other consoles, Wii-U has a very wide variety of new and classic apps and games available, including all the hottest titles your kids are probably salivating for. Whether it’s educational or just for fun, the age-specific games and apps have proven to be a safe place for the young, or young at heart, to have a good time.

However, with Wii-U’s new chat system, users can now video chat and picture message other users. Thankfully the Wii-U provides solid parental controls that can block access to the web, and even who you choose to let your kids chat with online, never allowing them to mingle with strangers to begin with.

From the menu, simply select parental controls and enter a personal PIN code, then follow the instructions.

What’s Good?
With a monstrous library ranging from Mario Classics on up to the lastest Skylanders, there is an endless amount of fun waiting to happen, and all this is backed up with new apps ranging from Netflix to Retro Arcade games. Not to mention the Parental Controls keeping your kids safe, this becomes a great choice for a video game system in your home.

What’s the verdict?
The iParent family gives the WiiU a big thumbs up, but as a reminder to Mom and Dad, make sure you set it up for them, and lock down what you feel neccesary. Keep an eye on the games you buy for them, the content they access, and the friends they make, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

It needs to be said, you must go in and set these parental controls up yourself. If not, you’re giving your family potential wide open un-monitored access to the internet.