Vine App

What is it?
It’s basically just a video sharing app that allowers users to uplaod looping video that is 6 seconds long.

What It Does:
Vine is to video what Twitter is to text. Twitter limits your tweets to 140 characters and Vine limits the length of your videos to 6 seconds. This video-sharing app had 40 millions users join in less than a year. Obviously the 6-seconds video format has been a huge hit.

Where Can It Be Used?
Vine is available on most smart phones, and similar to Twitter or Facebook, your Vine account includes a profile picture and a wall to post your 6-second videos to for all to see and comment on.

Would My Child Want It?:
Since many kids love posting selfies on their social media accounts, what kid wouldn’t love a selfie that lasts 6-seconds. With video your kids can do something a little more interesting than making a funny face and snapping a picture. Now they have a lot more options. And with most kids having their own video camera through their smart phone or tablet Vine is the perfect app for them to show off. And being that they’re limited to 6-seconds it’s much easier for them to make a video for Vine than trying to create a lengthy YouTube video.

Where it can be used?
It’s a app that is downloadable to any smart device.

What Are The Negatives?:

Naturally, as with any video service on the internet, pornography is readily available. Another concern about the porn that is on Vine is that it’s not from porn companies showing off their latest videos but from real people that are creating porn videos of themselves. Maybe they’re thinking, “Hey, it’s only 6-seconds so it’s not a big deal”. It is a big deal and to make it worse it could be child porn if the person creating the video is under 18 years old (this could be why Vine changed its content rules). Porn is bad enough but child porn is federal offense. So this is bad news for your kids on many levels. Are they watching videos of people exposing themselves? Are they exposing themselves on Vine (fully or partially)? Who are they allowing to see their videos? Could their videos hurt their reputation? Who is communicating with them through Vine?

What We Think:
In a nutshell Vine can be a fun app that is full of some very creative content but if you choose to let your child use Vine, you need to set some expectations for ways they can use it. Check your kids’ Vine settings and see if what they post is public or just visible to friends. And see who their Vine “friends” are. And we would also recommend creating your own Vine account and following your child’s account on Vine. You may enjoy their creativity while simultaneously keeping an eye on what they’re doing.