What It Is:
Vimeo is a streaming video site that focuses less on scattershot amateur content that could be found on YouTube and more on videos created either by professionals or by amateurs who hope to become professionals.

What It Does:
Much like YouTube, Vimeo allows users to view and post streaming video, usually in high-quality formats for better presentation. Users can view video anonymously but must create an account to post a video or to comment on other videos. Vimeo also has upgraded accounts available for a subscription fee that allows users to upload more videos at a time and that also provides more sophisticated analytics than what the basic free account offers.

Would My Child Want It?:
Unless your child is into the world of film and video, especially making it themselves, probably not. Most kids turn to YouTube for video-watching.

Where Can It Be Used?:
Vimeo is accessed primarily through its website, though there is a mobile app available to account holders.

What Should I Watch Out For?:

  • Vimeo’s terms of use allow for “artistic and non-sexual” nudity.
  • Vimeo’s terms of use also allow for violence, though not extreme.
  • Vimeo has no restriction on profanity, though hate speech is restricted.
  • Vimeo also frequently features “staff picks” that can, at times, be inappropriate for certain ages or belief systems.

What Are The Positives?:

  • Since the videos generally posted to Vimeo are created by professionals, they are usually of high quality and have some artistic merit.
  • Vimeo’s comment section is rare on the internet in that it is usually a supportive place of fellow professionals who often ask behind-the-scenes questions about the production process that can lead to informative answers.
  • Posted work can be accessed and seen by professionals, who might then take an interest in helping talented amateurs get their foot in the door of the production industry.

What Are The Negatives?:

  • The comments seem to be unmoderated, meaning that spam links can be posted and remain indefinitely.
  • It can be relatively easy to stumble onto material that might be inappropriate for children.

What We Think:
Vimeo is our preferred site for uploading video, but it is not going to overtake YouTube for social currency among young people any time soon. We wouldn’t recommend you turning your child loose on the site, but if they’re showing interest in it, chances are good that they have a good reason for wanting to be on the site beyond just killing time. Be sure to monitor their activity, join in with them, and if they create an account, obtain their username and password so you can check that account at any time.