The Secret App

What It Is:

The Secret App is an anonymous messaging board that allows users to post things

without regret or consequence. It’s banned in some countries.


Who is on it?

About 5 million people.


Would My Child Want It?:

To be honest, most teenagers want a place where they can “be themselves,” and

unfortunately they too often turn to apps like this in order to just “say something” and

get away with it. Since there are literally no consequences attached to the behavior

in this app, this one can get pretty dangerous.


Where Can It Be Used?:

It’s an app that is covered in all major app download stores.


What Should I Watch Out For?:

Too many things – to name a few: bullying, hate speech, inappropriate language,

sexting, etc.


What Are The Positives?:

We can find no positives with this app.


What Are The Negatives?:

There are far too many pitfalls on this one to list.


What We Think:

Keep your kids far from this app. If they have it, ask them why they feel like they

need it, then work to provide a place where they can feel safe to say what they feel.