The New Myspace

By: Kevin E. Outland | 4-18-14

web-myspace-screenWhat It Is:
While Myspace used to be the most popular social website amongst young people, it has now become more of a website for sharing music and following musicians.

What It Does:
The music focus of Myspace is clear the moment a user logs in. Popular artists’ profiles are prominent, and a music player is affixed to the bottom of every page. Users can do the typical things that would be expected of a social media site like post pictures and connect with friends, but Myspace now allows users to create personalized radio station and mixes based on the types of music they like.

Would My Child Want It?:
Kids love music and Myspace is certainly a place for them to connect with their favorite artists.

Where Can It Be Used?:
Primarily through, though there is also a mobile app available.

What Should I Watch Out For?

  • Although explicit pornography is not something that holds any prevalence on Myspace, much of today’s music contains explicit lyrics.
  • And of course there are the music videos, including directors’ cuts that may show a little more skin and provocative behavior than what your kids would see in the regular version.

What are the Positives?:

  • Discover new music from favorite artists.
  • Discover independent artists.
  • Interact with fellow fans.

What Are the Negatives?:

  • The typical concerns about kids and social media sites. Who are they connecting with? Who is connecting with them? What are they sharing about themselves?
  • Possible exposure to explicit lyrical or visual content.
  • Potentially habit-forming.

What We Think:
Kids don’t have the best judgment and don’t often think that the person they’ve met online may not be who and what that persons profile makes them out to be, so if you decide to allow your child to use Myspace, check out what they’re posting and who they’re connected to. If their connections (other than famous artists) are with people they’ve only met online, that’s a red flag. Strangers online are not people you want your kids communicating with.