Playstation 4

What it is
Sony released their latest take on the video game console with the new Playstation 4. With a battle waging on over your living room Sony looks to win you over with some of their features and powerful hardware.

One of three major consoles on the market, Playstation has appeard to target an older, more mature market with a steady stock of action/adventure titles and a reputation for promoting violent games.


What it does
With an impressive library of games already avalible, Playstation always has some of the world’s biggest developers working on the next big game or the next app to absorb as much of your time as possible. Making a huge step up from the previous Playstation, the Playstation 4 brings sharper graphics, richer colors, and an enhanced user experience.

Players are also able to record and upload video clips from their adventures and share them with their friends or players around the world—essentially bragging rights on steroids. Not to mention the endless hours of online multiplayer.

The Playstation 4 also acts a media player that can handle DVDs or Blu-Rays, making it all the more desirable to certain consumers.

Kid Appeal/Pitfalls
Like any other video game system, the Playstation 4 is a coveted piece of entertainment for gming enthusiasts of all ages. It’s important to note there are quite a few really great games available that would be safe for the whole family, as well as some apps, though not as many as Apple and Google. Rising video apps such as VUDU and Crackle make themselves available for free, and have a wide range of content from child friendly to rated R.

The PS4 alone, by itself, hooked up to your TV, is harmless really; it’s the content you buy at the store or download at home that’s potentially harmful. If it’s not the violence you’re concerned about, chatting with strangers in multiplayer might be, or just giving your kid access to your Netflix account. Thankfully the Playstation 4 has some great Parental Controls avalible to help you keep a leg up.

Simply log into your Master Account, jump into settings, and set your passcode and adjust your settings.

What’s Good?
The new and improved Parental Controls Sony built into the Playstation 4 have been great, giving parents the ability to block games with specific ratings, including any downloadable demos. Also, parents can now disable the ability to send text, video, and voice chat with strangers, or shut down the web browser altogether.

The controls are robust. Let’s say you don’t own any R-rated DVDs or Blu-Rays, but your child brings one home from Redbox or from a friend. As long as you’ve set up the Parental Controls, you can block those discs from ever working to begin with.

What’s the verdict?
The Playstation 4 is here to stay, and we think it’s pretty awesome when used appropriately. We believe with a healthy balance of Parental Controls and solid content, the Playstation 4 could become a staple in most living rooms, but without these controls we wouldn’t be giving it such a solid thumbs up.

It needs to be said, you must go in and set these up yourself. If not, you’re giving your family wide open un-monitored access to the internet.