Periscope App

Please watch the video above for further details.

What It Is:
Periscope is an App that allows anyone to stream a video live from their cell phone.  Meaning, you can display to anyone on Periscope what you are doing. Also you can watch others do the same.

Who is on it?:
It’s very popular right now, a very trending app.  Ages 16-35.

Would My Child Want It?:
It’s all the rage right now. It’s a really cool form of technology but it does pose a lot of dangers.

Where Can It Be Used?:
Anywhere with Cell Phone or Wifi service.

What Should I Watch Out For?:
Everything! While it’s seems harmless to some, we see a bigger picture.  While a user is live streaming, the app actually suggests users streams to strangers.  Meaning people your kids don’t know can hop on their stream and watch it.  Here’s the biggest problem.  There’s a build in chat feature, so people who are watching can comment and suggest things, which is NEVER good.

What Are The Positives?:
It’s very cool technology, you can stream soccer games or even a Happy Birthday song to a loved one.

What Are The Negatives?:
There’s a lot!  Chatting with strangers, bullying, sexual chat, peer pressure and no way to track what your kids has been watching.

What We Think:
Keep your kids away from it for now.  Too many risks.