What it is
Whether you’re on a budget, or maybe are just not an Apple person, you’ve probably used or use a PC on a daily basis. As technology changes and adapts every day, so do the needs of our kids, from homework to play, the PC is continuing to rise to the occasion.

With their latest edition of Windows 8, Microsoft has created a platform that almost anyone can use. With its simple to navigate interface, the new Windows 8 system Start Screen will help you keep up with life while staying connected.


What it does
Allowing for complete customization, these new PCs are catered to you and your needs, like staying in touch with friends and family or keeping up on your favorite websites and apps.

Also, parents finally have a reason to rejoice for a PC again, and not just because of the price point. Microsoft’s new parental controls are riding on Apple’s coattails, giving parents the tools they need to stay on top of their kids. With easy-to-use settings you’re able to decide how much time your kids are allowed to spend on the computer, as well as the content they are allowed to access. In a few clicks you can lock the computer down completely, or only allow for a couple apps to be used at any given time. Well done, Windows.

From your admin account, go to your start screen and type “Family” then click settings. Then click on Family Safety, then click on the users you want to protect. Then simply cater the settings to your needs.

Kid Appeal/Pitfalls
Since the new Windows PCs have come to market, the App store ins’t quite what it is for Apple and Google, but it is on the rise; with hundreds of thousands of apps avalible today, there is something for everyone. It’s important to remember that a lot of these apps, no matter how popular they may be with your kid’s friends, can pose serious risk.

When giving your child a PC with no restrictions, you’re providing them with opportunity to get in trouble. It takes only a second for one to lose their innocence through a wayward click, a typo in a browswer window, or while chatting online with someone. Make sure and set up those parental controls and talk with your kids about appropriate behavior before giving them the keys to the internet.

What’s Good?
The much inproved interface and usability has been a much welcomed change from the old clunky PCs of the past. From the look and feel to just all around practicality, the PC is here to stay, and a useful tool for your family’s daily life. They have dramatically stepped up their game with their Parental Control Settings, truly giving parents the ability to protect their children while online.

What’s the verdict?
We here at iParent think if you’re a PC guy or gal, or if it just hits your price range, then the PC is right for you. But we highly suggest taking the time to set up your parental controls beforehand.

It needs to be said, you must go in and set these up yourself. If not, you’re giving your family wide open un-monitored access to the internet.