What It Is:

Oovoo is a Mobile and Web- chatting program. You can video chat with up to 12 people online and 4 people on Mobile.

Who is on it?:

A lot of teens and young adults.  Over 30 Million installs.

Would My Child Want It?:

If your child/teen enjoys chatting with all their friends, then yes this App could be one they want really really bad.

Where Can It Be Used?:

This isn’t just an App that installed on Mobile devices, it’s also a web program you can get installed on your PC, Mac or Net book.  Anywhere that you have Wifi or Internet, this program can be used.

What Should I Watch Out For?:

This could be the App your child or teen gets totally addicted too if they love chatting with or without your permission.  Also there are lot’s of security settings where only people who have your childs email or phone number can contact them, this is a MUST if you choose to have let your teens use this.

What Are The Positives?:

It’s an incredible way to communicate if your teen has to have questions answered in a group setting, or even a sports team or hobby group.

What Are The Negatives?:

We think most of the negative aspects of this App could be from the lack of openness your teen has when using this App.  Are they hiding this App from you or just using it too much or without your permission?

What We Think:

This isn’t an App that you want to just hand or to your kid and let them do whatever.  Setup clean boundaries on how and when they can use it.