What It Is: is the official website of the MTV network.

What It Does: is a repository for news and gossip about various shows and artists who appear on the MTV network, as well as entertainment news and gossip. It is high-gloss, image-based, and low on actual text.

Visitors can also watch a host of video offerings at the site, including the network’s most popular videos, clips and full episodes of MTV shows, and assorted movie paraphernalia like trailers and interviews.

Would My Child Want It?:
If they’re interested in MTV specifically or the entertainment world generally, they might want to frequent the site, especially the oft-updated blog and news pages.

Where Can It Be Used?: is a website and as such can be accessed through any web portal. There are also several MTV-branded mobile apps.

What Should I Watch Out For?:

  • The featured music videos are often salacious and lust-filled in nature.
  • The types of shows that MTV produces (and which are available for viewing on are often in poor taste.
  • Comments sections exist on each page, but they appear to be infrequently used.

What Are The Positives?:

  • Stay informed on celebrities and entertainment.
  • Occasional exclusive rights to film trailers that may be of interest to your child.

What Are The Negatives?:

  • Reinforcement of gossip as a valid means of discussion.
  • Access to popular music videos, many of which attempt to push boundaries in terms of sexual content, both visually and lyrically.
  • Many of the original shows on MTV are of a lowbrow nature.

What We Think:
While has plenty of content, most of it, if not all, is really not worth consuming, especially for a child. This is definitely a site your kid can live without.