What It Is:
Minecraft is an extremely popular game where players use virtual blocks to build things and go on adventures within a virtual landscape.

What It Does:
Minecraft is a very low-tech game of building and smashing blocks to create things, sort of an enhanced digital LEGO playground with unlimited bricks and many other fun features. 

Would My Child Want It?:
It’s probably the most popular game among kids right now. 

Where Can It Be Used?:
It’s an app and also a desktop game that can be played online.

What Should I Watch Out For?:

  • There is 2 different mode on mobile, a “creative” which they can just build things and a “survival” where they can be hunted by zombies and kill things.  For a younger player the zombies could be a little over the top.
  • Also on mobile you can connect with others over Wifi and play multiplayer games; while this isn’t dangerous because usually you can only join a game if you are in very close proximity of the WIFI signal, in essence you couldn’t join if you are far away, preventing strangers.
  • You can communicate with friends through the game.
  • There is a free mobile version and a paid version, the paid version gives your more stuff to play with in the app.

What Are The Positives?:
It’s a very low paced game – meaning it takes a while to build things, the graphics are slow which is nice and it also helps the child use their imagination when building things.

What Are The Negatives?:
The biggest negative is the pure addiction to the game. Some of us at the iParent offices know kids who would rather play Minecraft than watch TV—that should say something to you.

What We Think:
Overall, Minecraft is a great, fun, safe game that allows your child to explore their creative side.