What it is
GoogleTV is everything you love about the internet right to your TV. Some TV’s will come with it built in, or you can buy a GoogleTV box for the TV you already own. Regardless you’ll bring the power and innovation of Google to your living room.

What it does
GoogleTV is the ultimate TV companion, working seamlessly with your cable/tv provider, helping you tailor your favorite content to fit your family’s needs, helping you find your favorite series or sports teams or even the latest YouTube sensation.


Let’s say the game is on, but your can’t remember the channel, with the press of a button, you simply speak what you want to search for, and GoogleTV finds the channel right now. If your team just isn’t having a good night, you can open up YouTube, and change things up with a few cat videos.

Maybe you’ve seen enough cat videos to last you nine lifetimes; you can jump into the Google Play store where you’ll have full access to Apps, movies, music and more, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Kid Appeal/Pitfalls
Now it needs to be said: while GoogleTV is the ultimate TV upgrade, it is potentially dangerous. You cannot limit what TV programs can be watched with GoogleTV. But you should be able to set those through your cable or satellite provider. So if Johnny wants to try and watch an R-rated movie without your permission, as long as you’ve got that blocked with your provider, no need to worry.

It’s important to note that your loved ones will still have access to the Google Play store, YouTube, and the internet. All this to be said, there are still no Parental Controls on GoogleTV. Seriously.

What’s Good?
There are some really cool features about GoogleTV that make it hard to pass up. The fact that you can take a less advanced TV and make it better? We like that. Being able to jump from the boring movie into a hilarious YouTube video? We like that too. Just having a tool to be able to take back some of the control we seemed to have lost with our TVs and its content is a good thing.

What’s Not So Good?
If you don’t have kids in your house, this could be a great device. But, in spite of all the advantages of having GoogleTV, if you do have kids at home, there are a lot of risks. With zero ability to block anything, besides pulling the power, you as the parent very well could be putting your kids at risk and giving them wide open access to the internet.

What’s the verdict?
Albiet cool and full of potential, the GoogleTV doesn’t provide any form of parental controls, earning a big thumbs down from us here at iParent. Now that’s not to say Google isn’t capable of releaseing an update in the future to fix that. But considering that it’s been out since 2010 and there still are no controls, we aren’t holding our breath.