Find My Friends

Find My Friends

What It Is:

FMF is an App that allows people to track others using their GPS on their phones.

Who is on it?:

Lot’s of people are on it, mostly 15 years and older.

Would My Child Want It?:

Lot’s of teens are using this app, pure pressure would be the reason you kid would want it.

Where Can It Be Used?:

it’s an app, so it can be used anywhere with cell or wifi service.

What Should I Watch Out For?:

Having others know the location of your kids at all times is a red flag in our opinion.

What Are The Positives?:

If you wanted to see where your kids are on vacation or a crowded mall that’s one thing, but having your kids friends know their location is another. It’s up to you.

What We Think:

We say pass on this one from peer to peer.  Parents on the other hand can use this app to monitor their kids if need be.