What It Is:
Down App is marketed as a dating app, but if you have a decent brain on your shoulders you will see thru the smokescreen and realize its really just for casual sex. It was, after all, formerly called “Bang With Friends”.

Who is on it?:
Mostly college kids and teens.

Would My Child Want It?:
Hopefully they won’t.  Basically it’s strictly used for quick hook-ups and nothing more.

Where Can It Be Used?:
Down is available for any internet-connected mobile device.

What Should I Watch Out For?:
Everything! It’s an all-around bad idea to be associated with this app.

What Are The Positives?:

What Are The Negatives?:
Sexual hook-ups are not the type of lifestyle anyone – let alone children – should be living.

What We Think:
This isn’t an App that you want your kids to have. Stay far, far away. If you found this on your kid’s phone, delete it and have a conversation.


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