What It Is: 
Chatroulette is a website that accesses your webcam and microphone and automatically pairs you up with a random person to have a video chat with.

Who is on it?:
The site averages about 4000 people per hour.

Would My Child Want It?:
We see kids wanting to be curious and a bit edgy online, but this is not the way to do it. Not only is Chatroulette very random – you don’t know who you will chat with – but it’s also a chat forum in the first place, meaning you can type or talk and very quickly find yourself in bad situations.

Where Can It Be Used?:
Any computer with a webcam.

What Should I Watch Out For?:
Chatroulette is a well-known outlet for nudity (mostly men exposing themselves to random users) and lonely people wanting to have sex chats.

What Are The Positives?:
We can find no positives about Chatroulette.

What Are The Negatives?:
From unfiltered nudity to unfiltered speech, there are too many negatives to mention. No one should be on Chatroulette.

What We Think:
Chatroulette is not only a bad idea for kids – it’s a bad idea for ANYONE. There are WAY too many risks here.  If you see this site in your internets browers have a conversation.