Apple TV

What it is
Originally released in 2007, Apple TV has now sold 13+ million units to date and is here to stay.

To join the Apple EcoSystem, the Apple TV is the perfect companion for your iPhone or iPad. Now these units are about the size of a wallet, and easily hidden behind your TV, and will take an average HDTV and turn it into a powerful multimedia machine, bringing all of your content together in one place.


What it does
This small little unit plugs into your TVs HDMI port, and within just a couple minutes is up and running. All you’ll have to do is log into your wifi and sync it with your Apple ID to get all your podcasts, movies, and more synced up with your TV.

How might this work? Let’s say you’ve just returned from vacation with a device full of media you captured while away—with one click, you can mirror the pictures/slideshows/and videos from your phone or iPad to your TV in high definition. You can even play games with your iPhone or iPad on your TV.

Apple TV will also keep you up to date with your favorite TV shows and movies, even going so far as to remind you when your podcast subscription has a new episode.

Kid Appeal/Pitfalls
With apps like Disney XD and Watch ESPN, there is something for everyone. From Netflix to Hulu Plus, Crackle to RedBullTV, even mirroring mobile apps from your phone to the TV, there will never be another dull moment in your living room.

The beautiful thing is, just like iPhones and Macs, the Apple TV comes with great Parental Controls allowing parents to keep their families safe and not have to worry their kids will stumble into inappropriate content.

You’ll be able to restrict all content to specific ages—or even hide apps completely—until you decide to unlock them again. And this literally takes seconds to set up.

What’s Good?
Apple TV works for anyone with an HDTV and an iPhone, and is affordable enough that you can pick one up and never look back. It’s crazy easy to use, should only take a minute or two to set up, and off you go.

With Apple’s Parental Controls, and the ability to cater and hide content, you can’t go wrong. Plus Apple doesn’t have a monster app store much like they do for their iPhones and iPads, so parent don’t need to worry there. Simply just decide from the get-go what content you wish to make avalible, and rest assured.

At the main menu go to settings > general > parental controls, then simply choose which apps and ratings you wish to block. That’s it.

What’s the verdict?
We here at iParent are big fans of the AppleTV, but make sure you talk with your kids about what they should and should not watch, and set up your device to fit your family best, because places like Netflix and YouTube have dark corners, and they can be accessed through Apple TV.

It needs to be said, you must go in and set these parental controls up yourself. If not, you’re giving your family potential wide open un-monitored access to the internet.